Zeb Atlas : Boyfriends Challenge


I’m a guy who likes variety and here comes a time to make some tough decision on who to choose among these three hot studs who I’ve been dating at the same time. I like them all and I thought of something exciting, since I always fantasize on having some hot guys around me competing to see who is the best lover, I’ve made a competition for them. I would lie down in bed, blindfolded and see who’s the better, that way you would feel what’s better without knowing who it is doing some sensual stuffs. Maybe that will help me to make a better decision for the best one who I want to be with because I would be able to gauge them by their performance. In bed and ready, I would want them to go one by one and let them show me what they got. It’s very hard to choose though because everyone was so good in doing their stuffs on my cock… Or maybe I will just keep them all! see how each fair in the challenge, CautionÂ… Super-HOT!

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