Zeb Atlas : Adam Killian and Zeb Hiking Partners


What a better way to find the best spot in the desert with the hottest hiking partner. I was with Adam Killian and we went to hike at this steep rocky place. As we reached the top, we stopped and had a little foreplay to spice up the excitement. Adam was horny and I was too and we’re both in the groove for some fun. I just love to suck his big cock when I am getting ready to fuck his ass but before I do, he knelt down to suck my cock first. I bent over and he then licked my ass. It felt really good and when I got to stuff his cock in my mouth, I was so excited. He faced on the rocky wall so my cock would be leaning on his ass and fuck it. I was behind him and railed him pretty hard but he liked it, he liked it to the point that he even went to ride on top so he could feel the sensation more. He was squealing loud while pumping my cock in and out of his hole. I unloaded my cum but it didn’t end there just yet. He wanted to fuck some more so he got in a sitting position, legs spread off and let me continue to ram his butt some more. He then cum and was so satisfied. The hiking was so much fun that we need to go there often. He is simply amazing. 🙂

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