CollegeDudes : Jason Wolf Pounded By Javier Cruz


Jason Wolf and Javier Cruz kiss deeply, their tongues exploring each others mouth as they undress and Javier rubs their cocks together, his big hand stroking their shafts in tandem as they get both get harder.  They go down on each other next, Jason first as he takes Javier’s big dick in his mouth and pulls that sweet cock to the back of his throat, sucking him hard as Javier kneels on the bed and watches from above.  But Javier makes sure to give all that pleasure back to Jason when it’s his turn to take Jason in his mouth, sucking and licking that shaft until both guys are ready to fuck and Javier lies back on the bed. 

Jason climbs onto his lap, slowly lowering his ass onto Javier’s throbbing hard dick, letting it sink into him and stretch his hole as Javier pounds him.  After riding that cock for a while, Jason lets Javier take over as he lies back on the bed and Javier stands behind him, holding Jason’s legs apart and taking that ass hard and deep until he makes Jason cum.  Javier enjoys that tight ass for a few more seconds before pulling out and jerking his cock, spraying his jizz onto Jason as they both ride out their orgasms.

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